MACH3 Interface Breakout Board CNC 5 axis


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Fully support control via parallel port, such as MACH3,etc.
USB power supply and external power supply are seperate for safety.
External power supply input: 12-24V. Equiped with anti-reverse connection function.
All input signal will be isolated by optical coupler for further connection with emergency
stop,tool setter, limit, ect for PC safety.
One relay output port for control spindle on/off. The output interface. is P17.
One 0-10V analog voltage output port for control of inverter that has relative analog interface,
and for control of spinle speed. The output interface is P1.
If all 17 interfaces are activated, drivers equipped with optical coupler can be controled and
5 axis stepper motor can be controled.
As PWM output, P1 can control spindle speed regulator that is equipped with optical coupler.
Connection with 5V input drivers that has common cathode or anode is supported.
Dimension:Approx. 90 x 70 x 18mm
Cable length:Approx.130 cm
Weight:118 g
Package included:
1 x MACH3 Interface Board
1 x USB Cable

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