Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor


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his newly developed Auto-calibrating line sensor is super easy to use. Come with 5 pairs of IR transmitter and receiver, it can cover line detection of 1cm to 3cm wide, dark color or bright color line. With 1 press, it will start “recognizing” the surface under it, calibrating the threshold between dark and bright. it takes 4 to 5 seconds only. After that, it is done, being stored in internal nonvononvolatiley, it will still “recognize” the line even after power off and on again. Come with connector and wires.


  • 5V power
  • 5 digital output representing logic of 5 IR sensor
  • 1 press to start calibration
  • 2 press to toggle logic into Dark On mode, to sense dark line
  • 3 press to toggle logic into Bright On mode, to sense bright line
  • Calibration button for easy of calibration
  • Combine with MC40A for line following robot development
  • Arduino lover, checkout the new 2A motor shield, it comes with socket for LSS05
  • Optional Breakout board to standard 0.1″ pad, BB-2020-08H

Download the User’s Manual for more information.


Example of application:


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