Pi-Top 13.3 Inch LCD Display Laptop, Gray (EU Plug) Mini PC

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pi-top ‘Build your own laptop’ Kit
The Pi-top is a unique and fun way to create your own customized laptop, with the help of a Raspberry Pi board. It is a modular laptop which enables you to use your imagination to experiment and invent. With the slogan, ‘Learn, Play, Create’, the pi-top teaches you about programming, computing, and hardware creation all at once. It also works as a regular computer to create documents.
An all-in-one Raspberry Pi-powered laptop with 10+ hours of battery life
Fun build-it-yourself laptop (comes with easy image-based manual)
Fully equipped with a keyboard, trackpad, screen, battery, charger, and an 8GB SD card pre-formatted with our unique OS based on Jessie. 13.3? inch HD LCD screen and 262K colors (wide range of viewing angles)
Practical and functional design with easy access to the Raspberry Pi in front via a slidable acrylic slice.
Works with Raspberry Pi B+/2 & 3.
Designed for ages 8+
What’s included?
  • 13.3″ HD TFT LCD screen
  • Pi-Top Laptop Chassis
  • Pi-Top Hub
  • Integrated Smart Battery
  • Integrated Laptop Keyboard & Trackpad
  • 5V 3A Power Brick (UK Plug)
  • 8GB Pre-Loaded SD Card
  • Please Note. Raspberry Pi is NOT included.
More about the pi-top:
Screen: 13.3” HD LCD Screen with eDP interface
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Battery life: 10+ hours of run time
Interface: 2-Wire SMBus V 2.0 interface
User interface: Keyboard (fully programmable) and trackpad
Pi-Top Hub
  • Power Management
  • Battery Connection
  • Screen Driver
  • PCB Rail Circuitry
  • Injection molded ABS
  • Available in Grey or Green
  • Keyboard: UK QWERTY
  • Trackpad: Right-aligned, Both Tap-To-Click and physical mouse buttons, 65mm x 49mm
  • Acrylic slice allows easy access to internal hardware – black laser etched surface easy to customize to school emblem or just for fun.
  • Rubberized anti-slip surface contact points
  • Product dimensions: 341mm x 209mm (WxD), Front thickness: 10mm, Rear thickness: 47mm
pi-top in Education
pi-top is the perfect tool to use in STEAM environments. It brings computing and coding to life through and fun and playful platform. It is already used by over 2,000 schools around the world.
The pi-top is ideal for teaching computer science, problem-solving, and project-based learning.
How easy is it to use?
The pi-top laptop is straight forward tool to get up and running. There are tonnes of step-by-step online tutorials and lesson plans ready to help you out too. The collaborative nature of the pi-top means that you can learn and share with others — learning is cloud-based.
How do you code on a pi-top?
The pi-top uses an operating system called pi-topOS and has an educational game called CEED Universe. Both these tools are designed to help you learn how to code and create hardware.
Who is the pi-top for?
Anyone who wants to learn more about computing! It’s for the future inventors and makers of the world and is perfect for kids in education. pi-top does advise a minimum age of 8 years old.
The Pi-top is optimized for use with Pi 3 (not included) and does not include a WiFi dongle


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