Super Maker Arduino Package

575.00EGP 525.00EGP



Package details:
-Arduino Uno + Cable
-DC Motor
-Ultrasonic Sensor
-LineFollower Sensor
-KeyPad 4×4
-LCD 1602
-PIR Sensor Module
-L298N Driver Module
-LM35 Temp. sensor
-NTC Temp. sensor ْ
-LDR 10mm Light sensor
-Breadboard 830
-MQ2 Sensor Module
-Relay Module 2 Way
-Potentiometer cap
-Potentiometer routate
-Pin Header male 40pins
-2x Screwdrivers
-Battery 9V + Cap
-30x Jumpers 20cm
-10x LEDs colered
-4x push botton
-30x Resistors 
-4x Transistor 2N2222
-2x 7-Segment
-Power Jack male
-Components box


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