Voltage Dual Display Meter Lead Acid Battery 12V


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1. Double Display,up 10 color bar displays battery, down blu-ray voltmeter (battery voltage) voltmeter decimal point automatic shift higher precision.
2. 12V acid lead battery capacity digital LED tester. The battery voltage at a glance.
3. With low battery blink to remind, can identify the voltage fluctuations in a short period of time, two wire system, convenient connection. Pick up the protection.
4. Low Consumption
5. With Shell,Convenience for the independent panel or embedded products
1. Work Current:< 5-15mA (with backlight)the smaller the battery voltage is lower current 2. Energy Resolution:10% 3. Voltmeter Accuracy :1% 4. Using Temperature range: -10- 65 5. Operating Humidity:10-80% 6. External Dimension:48×29×19mm


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